Product Suggestions

Flying Pawfect Slicker Brush

The first step I use on most dogs to remove tangles and dead coat.

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Metal Comb

Pretty much any metal comb will do.

 Step two of maintaining your pet at home is combing through the coat to check for any remaining mats or tangles.

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Master Grooming Tools Under Coat Rake

This is one of many undercoat rakes in my collection.
I find it works best on dogs with short, thick coats such as huskies and german shepards.

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Steel Under Coat Rake

This particular rake has straight pins set further apart. 

I find this rake works better on my longer furred clients such as the Australian Shepard and Golden Retrievers.

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Whimzees Dental Chews

Available in all different shapes and sizes. These are my preferred dental chews that I give to my own personal pets. 

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Go Tags

Personalized High Quality Pet tags available in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colors.

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Shernbao High Velocity Pet Dryer

It is highly recommended to dry your pets as much as possible if you are bathing at home to avoid matting and undercoat impaction. I highly recommend this variable speed dryer by Shernbao.

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Quadruped All In One Spray

I highly recommend the Quadruped All in One Spray as a leave in conditioner. Spray on after the bath and before drying to decrease drying time and leave the coat silky. I use this product on every single pet I groom.

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